carbon fiber veil

Carbon fiber veil

Carbon materials includes veils and mats 



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1.Carbon fiber reinforced plastics(CFRP).

CFM can change various ofinternal and external surface of the CFRP, cover gauze texture, making it supple and fit perfectly to complex shape of the mold surface of the product,and impart CFRP smooth surface.


2.Chemical containers and filtration.

CFM is suitable for all kinds of pipes, tanks, slots which have to be corrosion resistant to concentrated acid, alkali,andsea water. It can also be used to filter corrosive gases and corrosive liquids.


3.Fuel cells and electronic components.

CFM is conductive,it is an ideal material for fuel cell and heating components.


4.Electronic instrument enclosure.

Prepreg material is made of heavy CFM, mold pressing it to make electronic instrument enclosure, it will havethin wall, light weight, high strength, alsowillhave functions ofintegrated anti-electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference.


5.Electronic field

Electromagnetic or radio frequency will be shielded if using CFM to decorate electronic devices, as well as the effect of static electricity protection, anditcan be used for satellite reflective layer.