Carbon Fiber Yarn

Japan T700SC 24K Carbon Fiber Yarn

CA.BEN Composites Co.,ltd values the business principle of  "Successive Innovation, Customer First, Integrity Business". We strive to introduce advanced foreign high-tech and high-quality products, and deliver fast-delivery and sincere after-sales service. We make our best efforts to improve the development and application of Chinese composites materials in high-tech industry.   

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Our Main Types of Carbon Fiber Yarn: 

Imported from Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(China) 

T300(1K, 3K, 6K ), T700(12K, 24K), T800(6K, 12K, 24K), T1000(12K),

 M30(18K), M40(6K,12K)

HTS40 3K, HTS40 6K; HTS40 12K, 

UTS50 12K, UTS50 24K, STS40 24K 

TR30S 3L, TC33(1.5K, 3K), 

TC35(12K), TC35--R(12K) 

A42(12K), A49(12K,24K) 

T700 24K 

Tensile (kpsi): 711

Strength(MPa): 4900

Tensile(Mpsi): 33.4

Modulus(GPa): 230