Carbon Fiber Yarn

Japan TR 30S 3L Carbon Fiber Yarn

CA.BEN Composites Co.,ltd values the business principle of  "Successive Innovation, Customer First, Integrity Business". We strive to introduce advanced foreign high-tech and high-quality products, and deliver fast-delivery and sincere after-sales service. We make our best efforts to improve the development and application of Chinese composites materials in high-tech industry.   

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Our Main Types of Carbon Fiber Yarn: 

Imported from Japan, Turkey, Taiwan(China) 

T300(1K, 3K, 6K ), T700(12K, 24K), T800(6K, 12K, 24K), T1000(12K),

 M30(18K), M40(6K,12K)

HTS40 3K, HTS40 6K; HTS40 12K, 

UTS50 12K, UTS50 24K, STS40 24K 

TR30S 3L, TC33(1.5K, 3K), 

TC35(12K), TC35--R(12K) 

A42(12K), A49(12K,24K) 


Tensile (kpsi): 640

Strength(MPa): 4410

Tensile(Mpsi): 34

Modulus(GPa): 234

Elongation: 1.9% 

Density(g/cm2): 1.79 

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