Carbon Fiber Woven Cloth

Carbon Fiber Prepregs

Prepreg is typically laid in a mold and then heated under vacuum to cure the impregnated resin and create the final part. A carbon fiber prepreg consists a combination of a matrix (or resin) and carbon fiber. It is ready to use in the component manufacturing process in sports / leisure sector such as golf shaft, fishing 

rod, bicycle frames, hockey sticks, arrow shafts and camera tripod and also can be applied in many fields such as aircraft, automotive, marine, medical fields, and industrial robots as high-tech products. The main material of a carbon fiber prepreg is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is called as, new material of the dream of the future,  because it is approximately 4 times lighter than aluminum and approximately 10 times stronger than steel.





Outside sports equipment: kites, windmills, camping tents, golfer-bag, golf-training nets, paddle, surfing oars, surfboard,Phone decals: phone shell,Car decoration, car parts, Motorcycle decoration, engine hook, trim kits, cooling plate, hard top, front fender,Motorcycle decoration: carbon fiber front fender, cooling plate, engine hook, trim kits, hard top, protector, engine cover, exhaust cover lower ,helmet,Carbon fiber gifts; carbon fiber Suitcase, pen, key chain, briefcase, holder, wallet.

Living goods: mosquito net frame, curtains, bags, luggages, umbrellas, handbags, handicrafts , fishing gear, fish rods.Advertisement: advertising panels Industry: transmission shaft, roller and plate for machinery. 


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