Carbon Fiber Woven Cloth

12K Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabrics for Construction

Characteristics / Advantages
Manufactured with weft fibers to keep the fabric stable (heat-set process)
Multifunctional use for every kind of strengthening requirement
Flexibility of surface geometry (Beams, columns, chimneys, piles, walls, silos)
Fabric available in several widths for optimum utilisation
Low density for minimal additional weight
Economical compared to traditional techniques

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Strengthening of reinforced concrete structures, brickwork and timber in case of flexural and shear load due to:
Improved seismic performance of masonry walls
Substitute missing rebars
Strength and ductility of columns
Increasing loading capacity of structural elements
Changes of building utilisation
Structural design construction defects
Seismic movement
Improved serviceability
Structural upgrading to comply with current standards

Customer Case

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