Carbon Fiber Woven Cloth

Spread Tow 12k Carbon Fiber Spread Tow

'Spread tow' is a new development in carbon fibre reinforcement whereby a sophisticated production process spreads out each tow (bundle) of carbon fibres making them significantly flatter and wider than they would be in a conventional woven fabric. Spreading the tow in this way creates ultra-flat strips of unsupported unidirectional carbon fibre which is then carefully woven to create a biaxial carbon fabric with an unprecedented flatness and a unique appearance.

12K plain spread tow2.jpg

12K plain spread tow3.jpg

12K Twill 210g Carbon Fiber Spread Tow3.jpg

12K Twill 210g Carbon Fiber Spread Tow4.jpg



Application: Wallet, Sports Equipment(Hockey Stick appearance), Car Modification, Decorative Purpose

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