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6K Carbon Fiber Fabrics

6k twill is a great fabric for building thickness quickly. The extra thickness of the 6k fabric does hinder using it on smaller complex shapes, but it is great for medium sized projects. We allow up to 3m lengths to be folded, this may be helpful for you to reduce costs, however the weave will surely be damaged. If the apperance of the material is important we suggest using the rolled option. If cosmetics are not required then using the folded option will save you some money. Bulk savings are calculated into the different length's, so the more you buy, the more you save! Shipped on a cardboard roll to avoid creases, the fabric will be shipped to you in one continuous length up to 100 square meter per roll. It is sold by the square meter, with quantity discounts available. Please call us for shipping costs on international orders.

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Application: Aerospace program, Sports equipment, Industry, Fire-proof Suit, Construction Industry for reinforcement 


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